Passive House

An energy efficient home design can save you on space heating, cooling, and hot water systems as well as make your home more comfortable and resilient. An efficient home is well insulated and has an airtight structure that will reduce cooling and heating needs. The goal is to be cost-effective with less demanding renewable energy systems.

Passive house reduces the ecological footprint of your home through low energy buildings. Passive house design is integrated into the architectural design of your home. It is not an attachment or an additional feature. Materials for the floors and walls are carefully chosen to insulate and attract heat during the winter and reflect during the summer compared to conventional home modeling. Windows utilize advance technology to absorb heat and allow for passive natural ventilation, building insulation is extremely airtight, and intrinsic heat from heat sources already active at home are made functioning (e.g. people, appliance, lighting).

The benefits of energy efficient passive housing include fresh air, a constant interior temperature, and a quick return to normal temperature after closing windows and doors.

Heat Recovery Ventilator Pipes


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